This year’s annual ISIS conference is taking place at the University of Utrecht, organised by the faculty of theatre and new media studies. The Research Centre Performative Processes (RECPEP) is taking part here with a variety of contributions, and Falk Hübner is involved in a number of them.
The music theatre work NewsReal is performed by Cora Schmeiser is performed on the evening of April 17th (see dates). Earlier on that day the Research Centre hosts a panel with presentations by Nirav Christophe, Joris Weijdom, Marloeke van der Vlugt and Falk Hübner. Together with percussion player Maarten Zaagman, Falk will give a lecture performance about his artistic research on reduction in performance, and about the recent performance-in-progress, I will carry you over hard times. Maarten Zaagman will perform excerpts of the work.
As a last contribution, the new publication by the Research Centre will be published and launched at the conference, Marloeke van der Vlugt’s book Performance as Interface / Interface as Performance. Falk wrote the foreword for this publication.

The next edition of the lecture series of the Research Centre Performative Processes, Setting the Tone, has been announced! On the 19th of march, composer Gabriel Paiuk will give a workshop about our everyday listening experiences related to devices of technological sound reproduction.

404555_3218283546303_71183859_nIn his lecture, Gabriel will give an introduction to how our lives are surrounded the presence of sound media and their embedded cultural and material conditions.

In the workshop we will deal with sound technology in a way which aims at exposing these conditions. Together we will investigate how particular characteristics of media and their technical characteristics infuse our listening, and how sound can be organised in diverse ways to focus on this aspect. For this we will operate with diverse loudspeakers in diverse constellations and spatial distributions, and will superimpose diverse methods of sound production.

Musicians are welcome to bring their instruments!

Please see also the announcement on the HKU website.

At the moment Falk is working on the new performance “I will carry you over hard times” with the young percussion player and music theatre performer Maarten Zaagman. After having presented the results of the first two work phases in Prague and Utrecht (november and december 2014), the creation process is now in its final phase, and the performance will likely be finished around this year’s april. Performances coming up in Graz and Utrecht!

In december 2014 Falk Hübner’s dissertation “Shifting Identities. The musician as theatrical performer” has been published by International Theatre & Film Books Amsterdam in collaboration with the Research Centre Performative Processes.


On thursday, 26th of february, the Research Centre Performative Processes will have the next edition of the lecture series Setting the Tone, at the conservatory Utrecht. This edition will feature pianist Rembrandt Frerich and cover both his research surrounding the creation of his own fortepiano, as well as his work processes with top musicians from jazz, world music and classical.