Methods-issue of Forum+!

Obviously this update comes far later than I wanted, but later is still beter than never. For who has not yet seen it:

I had the immense honor and pleasure to work as a guest editor of the penultimate, quasi-recent Forum+ issue, a special issue on methods and methodology, and the first “real” bilingual issue. Our editorial team received a strikingly high number of submissions in English. In order to accommodate the growing multilingual author- and readership, we decided to publish English and Dutch articles side by side. We believe this reflects both the international and multilingual discourse on research methods and methodology in the arts, as well as the international dynamics of the arts field at large.

While being the thickest issue of the journal to date, it provides a wealth of perspectives on method and methodology: Some of the contributions share concrete methods and case studies from artistic research practice, others are more reflective or associative in nature. For everyone who wants to read further than this issue we have included four reviews of publications relevant for the field as well: On qualitative research, non-representational methodologies, arts-based research and even a handbook for artistic research.

An overview on the entire issue is here. All contributions are in either Dutch or English, the central article by Joost Vanmaele and myself is available in both languages, Dutch and English. We hope that this issue of Forum+ contributes to the already huge discourse on method and methodology in research in and through artistic practices, and that there is something new to discover for anyone interested in method and methodology!

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