Next to being a music theatre maker and researcher, Falk Hübner is an active teacher and supervisor in higher arts education in The Netherlands. After having taught music theory, ear training, composition and arrangement for several years at Artez School of the Arts in Arnhem, he mainly teaches at the conservatoire of the University of Arts Utrecht since 2014. In Utrecht, he works as core teacher for research and is responsible for the development of the research curriculum, next to supervising both bachelor and master students in their research and teaching various courses in research skills.

As part of the research group “Muzische Professionalisering”, Falk works on creating and supporting a research environment at HKU Utrechts Conservatory, which means understanding the conservatoire itself as such an environment, including staff, teachers and students.

Falk Hübner is member of the Creative Directors Team of the Innovative Conservatoire (ICON), an international collaboration of conservatoires to stimulate knowledge exchange, innovation and reflective practice in conservatoires.