Falk Hübner is an active artistic researcher, constantly operating on the boundaries between practice and theory. As professor of Artistic Connective Practices at Fontys University of the Art, Falk is responsible for the research agenda of his own research group, as well as developing, supporting and facilitating researchers at the university, continuously working on the research environment of the institution.

In 2013, he finished his PhD research on the musician as theatrical performer, and reductive approaches in music theatre and performance, which resulted in the publication “Shifting Identities. The Musician as Theatrical Performer”, published in 2015 by International Film & Theatre Bookstore Amsterdam, and a series of experimental music theatrical performance works. From 2019-2021 Falk conducted a postdoctoral research on artistic research methodology, which has resulted in a number of keynote presentations, workshops, articles, book chapters and an upcoming monograph at Routledge.

Conference lectures & presentations

“Artistic Research. On Matters that Matter.” Keynote lecture at Fontys Artistic Research Saturday, Fontys University of the Arts, 16.10.2021

“Talking Emergence.” Lecture at VES Seminar [Surpr!se] Art of Error, Haunting, Chaos, Mistakes, Magic, Failure at University of the Arts Helsinki (online), 4.12.2020

“Questions, Methods, Madness. Artistic Research In and Through.” Lecture at Fontys Artistic Research Day (online), 28.11.2020

“In Search of Common Ground. On Designing and Sharing Research Methods.” Keynote lecture at Methods/Arts Seminar, Royal Conservatoire Antwerp, 5.2.2020.

Against Method? Common Ground?
Lecture at the 6th Colloquium for Artistic Research in Performing Arts, 30.8.2019, Kiasma Theatre, Helsinki.

Common Ground. Materials, Methods, Methodology
Lecture at the HKU PrePhD pilot programme, 7.3.2019, University of the Arts Utrecht.

Studio 118. An Environment for Doing, Learning and Sharing Research
Pecha Kucha presentation at the Articulating Artistic Research seminar 2018, October 2018, University of Calgary.

The Musician in Society. From Craftsman to Creative Citizen.
co-created with Christina Guillaumier.
22.2.2018 at the Reflective Conservatoire Conference, Guildhall School for Music and Drama, London.

One Size Fits All? Artistic Research as Integrative Practice
Lecture at the Protean Musician Joint Research Centres Conference, 1.11.2017, NMH Oslo.

(in process; more lectures to be listed very soon)

Research Projects

Postdoctoral research “Common Ground. Practice, Philosophy and Ethics of Research at HKU” (2019-2021).

Werkplaats Muzisch Onderzoek (2018-2019).

Werkplaats Muzische Professionalisering (2017-2018).

Artistic Research as Integrative Practice (2017-ongoing).

If you are not there, where are you (IYANTWAY) (2015-2017). Collaborative transdisciplinary research of the HKU Professorship Performative Processes, on mapping the experience of absence seizures through art.

Live Video Research (2015-2017). Artistic research into the use of live video in music theatrical performances.

K&W (2015-2016). A platform for research and the arts at the Utrecht Conservatoire. A project by the HKU Professorship “Muzische Professionalisering”.

I will carry you over hard times (2014-2016). Artistic research project into musical choreography and exhaustion.

Setting the Tone (2014-2016). Series of events at the HKU Utrecht Conservatoire with artists and researchers. A project of the HKU Professorship Performative Processes.

Shifting Identities. The Musician as Theatrical Performer (2006-2013). Artistic (PhD) research into reduction in musical performance.

Publications / Research Output

Falk Hübner (2022). In Good Company. Think We Must. Fontys Fine and Performing Arts.
Falk Hübner (2021). “Ethics Through an Empathetic Lens: A Human-Centred Approach to Ethics in Practice-Based Research.” in Craig Vear (ed.), Routledge International Handbook of Practice-Based Research. Routledge.
Falk Hübner (2021). “The Common Ground Model for Practice-Based Research Design.” in Craig Vear (ed.), Routledge International Handbook of Practice-Based Research. Routledge.

Falk Hübner, Nirav Christophe, Henny Dörr, Marieke Nooren & Joris Weijdom (2018). “Transforming Absence: Re-Creating Experience through Artistic Research”, in: Perilous Experience? – Extending Experience through Artistic Research [Carpa5 Conference Proceedings]. Helsinki: NIVEL.

Henny Dörr, Falk Hübner (ed.) (2017). If you are not there, where are you? Mapping the Experience of Absence Seizures Through Art. Amsterdam: International Theatre and Film Books.

(links to three chapters by Falk: Introduction (with Henny Dörr), on artistic ethics, and on the shift of ownership between artists and participants)


Falk Hübner (2017). “The Act of Listening is Never Alone. Review of Theatre and Aural Attention by George Home-Cook”, in Journal of Sonic Studies

Hübner, Falk (2016). “Op weg naar performatief onderzoek”, in: Blad. Utrecht: HKU Lectoraat Kunst en Professionalisering: 112-125. (link to pdf (in Dutch) on

Falk Hübner (2016). “Reduction as a Means to Enhance Choreographic Potential in Musical Performance”, in: Marstein, Helene Gee and Arthur Maria Steijn (ed.). Inhabiting the Meta Visual. Contemporary Performance Themes. Oxford: Inter-Disciplinary Press.

pdf5efinalred Kopie

Falk Hübner (2015). Interview with Michel van der Aa (unpublished).

Falk Hübner (2015). “Hard Times. Lecture Performance as Gestural Approach to Develop Artistic Work-in-Progress”, in: RUUKKU Nr 5.

Falk Hübner (2015). wat we doen, hoe we het doen, waarom we het doen. Een visie over onderzoek aan het HKU Utrechts conservatorium. Utrecht: HKU Utrechts Conservatoire.

Falk Hübner (2015). “Spaces for Paradoxes” (foreword), in Vlugt, Marloeke van der: Performance\_as\_Interface. Interface\_as\_Performance. Amsterdam: International Theatre and Film Books.

Falk Hübner (2015). “A Trojan Horse? Me Against the Dance”, in Allard et al: Unpacking Performativity, Arnhem: ArtEZ Press.
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Falk Hübner (2014). Shifting Identities. The Musician as Theatrical Performer, Amsterdam: International Theatre and Film Books.

Shifting Identities COVER_ontwerpAntonFeddema

Research in and through artistic practice? – ‘Shifting Identities’ as a case study for friction between theory, research questions and artistic practice (2012), to be published in the proceedings of the 5th International Conference of Doctoral Studies of Theatre Schools (2nd and 3rd December 2011) at the Theatre Faculty of Janácek Academy of Music and Performing Arts in Brno, Czech Republic.

“Give it away now” – a reductive approach to performance (2011), to be published in the proceedings of the “Dance and Music: Moving Dialogues” conference at McGill university, Canada,

Entering the Stage – Musicians as Theatrical Performers (2010), published in the 36th issue of NewSound.
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“… as if you would…” (2009)
in the 2010 journal of the Artistic Research, Theory and Innovation group (ARTI) of the Amsterdam School of the Arts: Starting with music, continuing elsewhere.
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Synchronous differences: Thespian Play, in the new book of the FIRT/IFTR Research group for Intermediality in Theatre and Performance, to be published in mid 2010
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Tussenruimtes – Over potenties van vernieuwing in interdisciplinaire mengvormen van (muziek-) theater en performance (2008)
commissioned by November Music Festival in s’Hertogenbosch

er tussen – over de intermediale aspecten in het werk van Heiner Goebbels (2008)
for the program book of the Heiner Goebbels Festivals The Hague;
German version published on Heiner Goebbels’ website