Just published: The Routledge International Handbook of Practice-Based Research

I am very happy no announce a new publication to which I have contributed: The Routledge International Handbook for Practice-Based Research, edited by Craig Vear.

Craig and I have first met in 2009, at the “Theatre Noise” conference in London. Since then we frequently had contact and tried to find ways to collaborate – which finally worked out in this handbook! The two chapters I contributed are both outcomes of my postdoctoral research project on artistic research methodology, generously funded by SIA and supported by University of the Arts Utrecht: One chapter on practice-based research design, and one on ethics. Craig guided me in these two chapters, together with Linda Candy and Earnest Edmonds.

And there is much more! The handbook is divided in five large sections: Practice-based research, Knowledge, Method, The practice-based PhD, and Practitioner Voices. Each of the sections includes at least eight contributions, which leaves everyone who is interested in the field with more than enough inspiring material. More information on the handbook and its content can be found on the Routledge website.

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