News: SPRONG Funding for Collaboration in Arts and Care

Just before the Christmas break, there is some great news to share:

Our collaboration “Creating Cultures of Care” of nine professorships (at HKU, Hanze, Fontys and Hogeschool Utrecht), the University of Humanistic Studies and UMC Utrecht has received the prestigious SPRONG-funding from SIA, the national organisation for funding practice-based research in The Netherlands. The SPRONG funding is meant to support collaborations in higher professional education and society, in order to develop towards strong research networks.

In “Creating Cultures of Care”, artists, health & wellbeing professionals, policy makers, patients and students will collaborate in “Care Labs”: contexts such as hospitals, care homes or neighbourhoods. We will explore new concepts and practices of caring through artistic research, and “transdisciplinary co-creation” (Nirav Christophe). Just to give a glimpse of the variety of people involved: The network consists of colleague professors and researchers Nirav Christophe, Bart van Rosmalen, Walter van Andel (HKU), Danielle Arets (Fontys), Daan Andriessen, Aart van der Maas (Hogeschool Utrecht), Anke Coumans, Karolien Dons (Hanze), Merel Visse (University of Humanistic Studies) and Stefan van Geelen (UMC Utrecht) – and not to forget the enormous network of more than 30 partners in the fields of the arts, health & wellbeing.

A special thanks goes to Debbie Straver and Gjilke Keuning from HKU, who spent so much time and effort into making this happen.

Can’t wait to start!

For more information, see here on the HKU website.

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