performance and installation for a musician, instruments, loudspeakers, laptop and objects, 8′

concept, composition, direction: Falk Hübner
performance, programming: Juan Parra-Cancino
With kind support of the electronic studio of the Orpheus Institute Gent

Co-produced with Operadagen Rotterdam and Productiehuis Rotterdam

Jukebox is both a performance and an installation. As performance, a musician prepares for a concert. He arranges his instruments: keyboards, synthesiser, guitars, organs, a laptop, plenty of cables, a bass guitar and small loudspeakers. During assembling the instruments more and more get the identity of a sculpture, piled up and connected to each other. When the preparations are over, the sculpture of musical instruments is able to play without any further operation by the musician; it becomes an own identity, a slowly changing organism. The concert so carefully prepared doesn’t happen. Experiencing his own self-playing music box, the musician has staged his own needlessness.


After this ‘preparatory performance’ the sculpture becomes an installation. Re-using, ‘recycling’ already existing music by Falk Hübner and the performer Juan Parra Cancino, to be played back as in a ‘real’ Jukebox. The audience is allowed to interact with the sculpture by pushing buttons and by this choosing specific music or reactions from the sculpture – only without paying for it.

Performance history

31.5.2013 Schouwburg Rotterdam (NL) (at Operadagen Rotterdam)

1.6.2013 Schouwburg Rotterdam (NL) (at Operadagen Rotterdam)

2.6.2013 Schouwburg Rotterdam (NL) (at Operadagen Rotterdam)

8.11.2013 Verkadefabriek, Den Bosch (NL) (at November Music)

18.2.2015 Orpheus Institute, Gent (B)

29.11.2016 Leiden University, Leiden (NL)

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