Music theatre / Performances

I will carry you over hard times (in progress)
performance for percussion player, objects and four-channel soundtrack
concept, composition, direction: Falk Hübner
performance: Maarten Zaagman

Sounds of Absence (2013)
series of performances and installations, 60′
concept, composition, direction: Falk Hübner
dramaturgy: Mart-Jan Zegers
with Frederik Croene, Bauwien van der Meer, Maarten Zaagman/Juan Parra, Heiner Gulich and Milana Zaric
co-produced by Productiehuis Rotterdam, Operadagen Rotterdam, November Music and the Research Centre for Theatre Making Processes Utrecht

Jukebox (2013)
performance and installation for a musician, instruments, loudspeakers, laptop and objects, 8′
concept, composition, direction: Falk Hübner
composition, programming, performance: Juan Parra

NewsReal (2012)
staged chamber opera for soprano, electronics and video text, 45′

Wasteland (2011)
performance for pianist, piano objects, soundtrack and video text, 12′

Living Room (2011)
staged composition for harpist, harp, requisites, electronics and video. 15′

almost equal / meistens gleich (2010)
silent music theatre for conductor and trombone player, 12′
concept, choreography, composition: Falk Hübner
performance: Bas Wiegers, Koen Kaptijn
production with Ensemble MAE, Amsterdam (NL)

ChamberOperaInstallation (2010)
intermedial performance study for soprano, electronics and live video text, 20′

still life 2.0 (2010)
performative installation study for viola player, dancer, live electronics and live video, 20′

Thespian Play (2009)
performance for saxophone player without saxophone, soundtrack and video, 15′

Malsturz (2008)
staged concert for piano, live electronics and live moving canvas, 60′
in collaboration with Karl Rusche (painting), Dagmar Fromme (stage) and Christoph Hengst (piano)

Alltag (2007)
music theatre for five musicians, 75′

A Chance for Change (2007)
staged concert for soloists, gospel choir (SMezABar) and band (alto sax, pno/organ, git, el. bs, dr), 40′

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