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I will carry you over hard times (in progress)
performance for percussion player, objects and four-channel soundtrack
concept, composition, direction: Falk Hübner
performance: Maarten Zaagman

Sounds of Absence (2013)
series of performances and installations, 60′
concept, composition, direction: Falk Hübner
dramaturgy: Mart-Jan Zegers
with Frederik Croene, Bauwien van der Meer, Maarten Zaagman/Juan Parra, Heiner Gulich and Milana Zaric
co-produced by Productiehuis Rotterdam, Operadagen Rotterdam, November Music and the Research Centre for Theatre Making Processes Utrecht

Jukebox (2013)
performance and installation for a musician, instruments, loudspeakers, laptop and objects, 8′
concept, composition, direction: Falk Hübner
composition, programming, performance: Juan Parra

NewsReal (2012)
staged chamber opera for soprano, electronics and video text, 45′

Wasteland (2011)
performance for pianist, piano objects, soundtrack and video text, 12′

Living Room (2011)
staged composition for harpist, harp, requisites, electronics and video. 15′

almost equal / meistens gleich (2010)
silent music theatre for conductor and trombone player, 12′
concept, choreography, composition: Falk Hübner
performance: Bas Wiegers, Koen Kaptijn
production with Ensemble MAE, Amsterdam (NL)

ChamberOperaInstallation (2010)
intermedial performance study for soprano, electronics and live video text, 20′

still life 2.0 (2010)
performative installation study for viola player, dancer, live electronics and live video, 20′

Thespian Play (2009)
performance for saxophone player without saxophone, soundtrack and video, 15′

Malsturz (2008)
staged concert for piano, live electronics and live moving canvas, 60′
in collaboration with Karl Rusche (painting), Dagmar Fromme (stage) and Christoph Hengst (piano)

Alltag (2007)
music theatre for five musicians, 75′

A Chance for Change (2007)
staged concert for soloists, gospel choir (SMezABar) and band (alto sax, pno/organ, git, el. bs, dr), 40′

Collaborations, Music and Sound Design for Theatre

Moves Between Dartington (2015), short dance film
dance Libertad Pozo Rodriguez
Cello Bart van Rosmalen
film Falk Hübner

Moves Between De Baak (2014), three short dance films
dance Libertad Pozo Rodriguez
cello Bart van Rosmalen
film Falk Hübner

Leonore’s Fidelio (2013), music theatre on location
text Annemarie Slotboom
direction Sjoeke-Marije Wallendal
dramaturgy Annelies Oosterloo
light design Vinnie Jones
co-produced by Kameroperahuis Zwolle and Operadagen Rotterdam

Roodknopje (2012), dance & puppet theatre for children
choreography/dance Joerdis Cordua & Soesja Pijlman
direction Regina Magnus

WI WA WIT (2012), dance theatre for children
choreography/dance Dagmar Chittka & Sonja Ewald
dramaturgy Martina Bruns
produced by Rauher Engel

TimeCopy Live #1 (2010), dance performance
concept & direction Carina Hesper
composition & live electronics Falk Hübner
technique & visuals Jan Misker
dance Valeria Cosi

Hoedje (2010), dance theatre for children
choreography/dance Regina Magnus & Joerdis Cordua, cello/computer Nina Hitz, dramaturgy Martina Bruns

Messiah (2010), youth theatre
direction Irmgard Tummers, costumes and stage design Esther van der Pas
produced by Theater de Garage, Venlo, The Netherlands

Nordost (2009), theatre
direction and video Sabine Loew, dramaturgy Heike Kortenkamp
Nicole Horny, Ankelika Sieburg, Anja Bilabel, actresses

control.remote (2009), dance performance
live electronic sound installation and programming
direction Jan Deck & Katja Kämmerer, dramaturgy Steffen Popp
Vivien van Deventer & Isabelle Drexler, Performance

Mozart’s toverfluitje (2008), dance theaatre for children
soundtrack based on Die Zauberflöte by W.A. Mozart
choreography/dance Regina Magnus & Joerdis Cordua, director Marieke Küttschreutter

Der Kaufmann von Venedig (2008), theatre
music for voice, one musician and live electronics
director Elmar Goerden, Schauspielhaus Bochum

Chronik von fern (2008), theatre
music for voice, soundtrack and live electronics
director Heike Scharpff, actress Angelika Sieburg, live electronics FH; coproduction with Künstlerhaus Mouson Turm Frankfurt

Poppy’s Monster (2008), dance theatre
for voice and live electronics

TimeCopy (2007), electronic video
electroacoustic soundtrack
video/director Carina Hesper, dance Gabriela Tarcha

R.U. Srooched (2006), musical theatre
directors Panda and Monique van Proosdij

Die Au-Schau (2006), theatre
swing-arrangements for singer and ensemble
singer/actor Michael von Au, director Elmar Goerden, Schauspielhaus Bochum

Water dans (2006), performance
live music for double bass and water instruments
dance Gabriela Tarcha, live music FH, Festival ‘Kleur van de nacht’, Arnhem

Een Midzomernachtsdroom (2006), performance
(improvisation sketch for two musicians)
director Michelle Kurzenacker, Festival ‘Kleur van de nacht’, Arnhem

Drachentod (2006), theatre for children
songs and sounds for voices and piano
director Antonia Brix, Wu Wei Theater Frankfurt

da-rinnen und da-raußen (2006), dance
music for double bass solo and soundtrack
choreography Yasna Schindler

You see what you see – extended version (2006), dance
installation soundtrack (stone and water sounds)

Gesucht wird Don Quijote (2006), theatre
music for double bass, acoustic bass guitar, objects and soundtrack
director Angelika Sieburg, Wu Wei Theater Frankfurt

You see what you see (2006), dance
music for double bass, stones and water
choreography/dance Yasna Schindler

Jansbeekdans (2006), dance film
for violin, horn, marima and water objects
dance/choreography Gabriela Tarcha, film/dias Ton van Fliet
commissioned by Water Museum Arnhem, NL

Driestuivertjes (2005), music theatre
compositions for two voices, clarinet, guitar and accordeon,
performed together with compositions by Willem Breuker and Andries van Rossem

Über das Ertragen des Glücks (2005), musical theatre
musical direction, composition and arrangements for singers and piano
director Silvia Stutzmann, Constantin Musiktheater Bochum

Extra-Communic-Action (2004), dance film and live performance
composition for ensemble
choreography Elena Casadei, video Andrea Bernabini, comstumes Asuka Jamaguchi

GO NO GO (2004), youth theatre
musical direction and composition for actors, objects and soundtrack
director Mieke Hendriksen, choreography Michelle Kurzenacker
artistic director Soheila Najand, Stichting Interart Arnhem

Somewhere a house, nowhere at home (2004), film
music for violin, alto saxophone, double bass and piano
film/photos Soheila Najand


Poem(s) of Absence (2013)
fragments for solo voice
(to be performed as part of Sounds of Absence)

topologie der sprache (2013)
for mixed choir (3 female, 1 mixed male/female, 1 male voice)

real (2013)
improvised text compositions for spoken voice solo, 3-5′
(also to be performed as part of NewsReal)

news – mini opera for a living room (2012)
for soprano, soundtrack and video text, 20′
(also to be performed as part of NewsReal)

text (2012)
text composition for spoken voice solo, 10′
(also to be performed as part of NewsReal)

Gestrandete Zukünftige (2009)
composition and arrangements for four female voices and ensemble (fl/picc, cl/b-cl, bsn/c-bsn, tba, perc, vln, clo, electronics), 30′
To be performed together with Peter Maxwell Davies’ “Miss Donnithorne’s Maggot”
director Amelie Beer, Theater Krefeld/Mönchengladbach

Aspekte (2007)
for four Cellos
order score

Tanz und Schatten (2006)
for violin solo
order score

Dawning (2006)
revised version for mezzo soprano, cello and piano

Impulse I (2006)
for piano and ensemble

Trio (2006)
for clarinet/bass clarinet, violin/viola and piano
composed for trio contrast (Christian Dollfuss, Klaus Esser, Christoph Hengst)

Introduktion (2006)
for viola solo
(also part I of Trio)

Interlog (2006)
for bass clarinet
(also part V of Trio)

Monotonie (2006)
for piano solo
(also part III of Trio)

New Layers Visible (2006)
for large orchestra

Silhouettes of Breathing (2005)
for string orchestra
order score

Atem. Puls.. Gedanken… (2005)
for double bass player (bass-baritone)
order score

Present Tense (2005)
for ophicleide solo

Dawning (2005)
for mezzo soprano, double bass and piano

Layers Visible (2005)
for ensemble

(un-)clarity (un-)wanted (2005)
for bass clarinet and piano

From a Normandy crucifix (2005)
for mixed choir SSATB a capella
get score

[…]-ism (2005)
for five amplified voices and ensemble

2 Studien (2004)
for piano and percussion

Loses Getose (2004)
for orchestra

Todesfuge (2004)
for soprano, alto, tenor, bass and mixed choir SATB a capella

Umnachtung, im Traum gefangen (2004)
for ophicleide solo (also tuba or bass clarinet)

Claire/Obscure (2003)
for brass quintet and drum set


Wasteland (2011)
for piano mechanics, piano hammers and video text
text by Frederik Croene
as part of the “492kg” installation

hanging around – Fensterhänger 2011 (2011)
for the Soundpiece installation at Schouwburgplein, Rotterdam, NL

NightSines (2008)
for moving sine waves
festival ‘Kleur van de nacht’, Arnhem, NL

Fensterhänger (2007)
for exhibition at the project ‘hanging around’, off limits-Festival Dortmund

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