RECPEP in Prague

The core team of the Research Centre Performative Processes (RECPEP) of HKU University of the Arts has recently returned from Prague. Nirav Christophe, Henny Dörr, Joris Weijdom and Falk Hübner attended the “Artistic Research: Is there some Method” conference. They presented a collaborative lecture performance that touched on three different research projects of the Research Centre:

  1. Nirav Christophe’s theory of polyvocality
  2. Performative Research as research methodology
  3. The transdisciplinary research project “If you are not here, where are you?” as a case study

The lecture performance experimented with a mode between”talking about” and “doing it”. While the researchers elaborated on the research project and their own role between artist, researcher and collaborator, Christophe silently commented these elaborations with cards carrying the names of different “voices” (such as voice of the artist, of the ego, the child, the collaborator, and so on).

Read the full abstract here: RECPEP Prague abstract.

Next to the lecture as such, the team distributed a number of statements under the title “Prague Provocations” (see image).

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