June News: roundup of the season

The end of the season 2014/15 is marked by both finishing and rounding up various project, as well as setting up new plans and collaborations.

Until the end of July, Falk will be finishing the work on the new performance I will carry you over hard times with Maarten Zaagman; the work will be performed in the final version throughout the upcoming season. An article about this collaboration is in process, to be published in the next issue of the Finnish online journal RUUKKU, focussing on “research gestures”. 

Looking into the future, several new encounters mark the beginnings of upcoming exciting journeys in the next two seasons: Falk is starting collaborations and designing first plans for three new artistic projects. With soprano Klaartje van Veldhoven and the internationally renowned Amstel Quartet he is devising an interactive music theatre performance with game elements. He will create a new music theatre piece with the vocal quartet Quatre Bouches, and the third project will happen with the Dutch, Australia-based trumpet player Sef Herman, a music theatre performance about darkness and absence, inspired by the “silencio” scene in David Lynch’s movie Mulholland Drive.

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