music theatre for trumpet player, electronis and live video, 60′

concept, composition, direction, video: Falk Hübner

trumpet, performance, spoken words: Sef Hermans

with texts by: David Lynch, Lynley Edmeades


“There is no band!” 


On an empty stage, a trumpeter finds himself alone, together only with the empty chairs of the audience and a ghost light⁠ that designates that everybody else is long gone: the orchestra; its colors, sounds, spaces, chatters – and the audience. The stage is not much more than an abandoned wasteland; except the ghost light, only the remaining music stands and empty audience chairs share the stage of this dark music theatre piece.

The only sources for all sound and visual material in the performance are the trumpeter Sef Hermans himself, his voice, his instrument and the ghost light. Taking the “club silencio” scene from David Lynch’s movie Mulholland Drive as inspiration and point of departure, Falk Hübner and Sef Hermans go on a journey about darkness, loneliness and the struggle of finding one’s identity while everybody else has left.

The audience follows the trumpeter into his inner world; his imaginations, dreams and fears. Everything keeps circling around the centre of the musician’s self. An intriguing portrait evolves and emerges through a sound world of ambient sounds, contemporary music, and electronic soundscapes, next to hypnotic video images.